Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2021 Written Update

Sharda thinks that Prisha is hiding something. Ahana forces the kidnapper to listen as if she is worried, and she takes what she wants and tells Rudra to go back. Preisha says that she has nothing to hide. Ahana’s persuasion. Sharda asks Ahana not to prolong the problem and tells Prisha to keep the money in the locker. Sulochana says that Kabir has money and asks him to take the key of the locker. Sharada takes the key to the locker from her, Prisha grabs them and walks with Prisha. Ahana scolds Sulochana for her cheap law and asks Rudra to find out who the kidnapper is if he is no longer in CC.

Sharda keeps the money in the locker and forces Prisha to tell her what she has. SI Prisha refuses Sharda says that they support each other over the loss of Rudra and promise him. Prisha wants to kidnap Sharan, the destroyed and kidnapped kidnapper with Rs 10 crore. Sharada asked Charan to benefit from it. Said Priam Glory Custo. Sharda said that Mahima was imprisoned. Make sure she can, says Preisha.

Kabir smokes that CC is unpredictable. Sulochana asks them to call CC and inform them that your child has received a call for kidnapping. He calls Sissi and suspects Rudra of playing with her, keeping himself with her. CC says that he has been in this business for many years and will never betray his customers. Kabir said that Preisha received a kidnapping call. CC said that they should work together to find out who the traitor is. Kabir tells Sulochana that CC did not lie and Rudra was not with him.

Preisha meets the inspector and tells him that the kidnapper had called and demanded to surrender with the money, so Mahima confirms all this and the inspector tells her how Mahima can do this while in jail. . He asks if Mahima is imprisoned. The inspector calls the investigator who provides information about the prison fire. Preisha says that it was not an accidental fire and they should go there and find out. They reach the prison and find that a lot of information has been burnt. Preisha says that Mahima created it because it was an escape style.

Mahima informs Mary Jerry about surrendering her with the money. They said that they would not join the child here. He said that he should be confused about money and get married immediately and enjoy life. Mahima tells them to think that they will use them for their benefit, and once they get surrender and money that will kill them and survive. Jerry goes back to CC and lies that he met Mary in prison. Moments later, another Coon informs CC that there was a fire in Maria’s prison that morning. C. C. Asked why Jerry lied that he had seen Maria a while ago and was hesitant about her.

Inspector asks Prisha if she is sure that Mahima is behind in everything. He says, yes, you need to know the way without Rudra in the grip of Maham, nothing will happen to Saran. The inspector said he would find out some ways tomorrow. Preisha returns to Sharda and narrates the entire incident. Worried for his son Saransh. Sharda says that she cares about Rudra’s son. Both of you expressed your feelings and promised to protect both Sharan and Rudra. Preeta then enters Saranash, who is busy playing and asks about Rudra. He said that he was coming out for some work and would come back soon. He said that he would go to Rudra next time. She hugs him and says that she loves him more. She says more and more that she loves him, that she will never go away from him, that she wants both. He worships her and says that he will let her sleep now. He asks to sing not a lullaby while dancing badly. He smiles and says that he will take her to his parents’ house. He was happy to hear this. She thinks she is safe in her parents’ house.

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