Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2021 Written Update

Sharda Opens The Key And Shocked To See The Missing Money. Thinking Only Last Week He Only Seen More Than 2 Crore Cash In The Drawer Then Who Would Take Money. Preesha Says There Is No Money In The Cabinet And Now Only Sulochana Can Tell The Truth. Preesha Asks Sulochana About Money. Sulochana thinks you just took the money and spent it all. Preesha Says It’s 2 Crore And Asks Him To Say Something. Sulochana Says He Prepares To Take The Money And Give It To His Friend. Ahana Asks Sulochana What She Says. Sulochana Says His Friend Needs Money So When His Friend Asked For Help, He Could Not Deny Him.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2021 Written Update
Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2021 Written Update

Sharda Says 2 Crore Is Not Small Money And Asks Why Sulochana Didn’t Tell Nobody About This. Sulochana Says He Wanted To Tell Them. Preesha now asks how they will save Rudraksh. Sulochana Says If Rudraksh Had Been Then He Would Understand Him. Ahana Supports Sulochana And Says Preesha Has Wrong With Sulochana. He asks Sharda to stop Preesha. Preesha Says She Doesn’t Want To Talk About This Now Because They Don’t Have Time For All This. He Says He Must Set Up 2 Money And If Something Happens To Rudraksh Because Of 2 Crore Then He Will Not Forgive Himself.

Sulochana Says She Is Rudraksh’s Mother She Takes Care Of Rudraksh More Than Anyone And From There. Kabir and Ahana Follow Him. Sharda Asks Preesha How They Will Set Up 2 Credits Now. Preesha Says They Have To Plan It Doesn’t Matter. Kabir Praises Sulochana’s Lies. Ahana Asks They to Tell the Truth. Sulochana Says They Were In Debt. Ahana shouts at them. CCC Calls Kabir And Ahana Captures Cellphone From Kabir CC Asks Whether Khurana Planned Money.

Kabir Tells CC That He Will Talk To Him Later. CC Says It Was Kabir’s Idea Of Kidnapping Rudraksh And Wants To Talk To Him. Kabir Says Khurana Is Money Planning And Cuts Off The Phone. Ahana Holds The Collar Of Kabir’s Shirt Asking How She Can Do This. Kabir Says Chennai Doctor Knows His Truth So They Should Have Arrested Rudraksh. Ahana Says They Fully Respond To This And They Leave. Shararda and Preesha Decide to Sell Their Gems. Kabir Hears Their Conversation.

The next day, Sharda Donates 2 Crore To Preesha. Preesha Receives Message From Kidnapper. Preesha Informs Her Family That She Must Go Alone. Ahana says Preesha is Right. Print Message Location to Police Inspector. On the other hand, Maria’s Boyfriend Helps Mahima Escape from Prison. Mahima and Maria Escaped Prison. Mahima Remembers How She Told Maria’s Boyfriend To Take Rudraksh From CC If She Wanted 10 Money At The Time.

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