Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th April 2021 Written Update

The chapter begins with Prisha telling Sarada that she will stay at Charan Gopal’s house until the police inspector tells her the plan. The police called Inspector Prisha and Sharada asked Prisha to call the speaker. He tells Prisha that he has found a way to save Rudraksha without hurting Saran. Preisha tells him that she will not associate Saran with this issue. She asks him to meet her to talk about the plan. Sharada asks Prisha to take Saran to the police station and if she does not believe in the police inspector’s plan, she can take Saran to Gopal’s house.

Later, Preisha asks the police inspector about her plan. The police inspector calls Rahul and asks him to come. He introduces her to Rahul and tells her that he will come as Sarna. He tells her that he cannot risk Rahul’s life because he is a saranshah. Rahul tells her that he is well trained and this was his 5th operation. The police inspector tells him not to worry about Rahul and tells him that this was the only way to save Rudraksha. Prisha agrees with him, receives a message from the kidnapper and informs the police inspector.

Sharan asks Prisha to reach that place and not worry that she will do as she is told. He told Police Inspector Preisha that he should not worry as his team had cordoned off the area. She assures him that nothing will happen to Saranash and she asks him to wait for the kidnapper. Mahima, Maria and Jerry go there. Mahima sees Saran and tells Maria that it is hard to believe that Preisha actually brought Saran. He tells Maria to call Prisha. Mary calls Prisha and asks her to go to the tree with Rs 10 crore and Saransha. Preisha asks him about Rudrak. Mary asks him to hand over the chain first and hand them the money.

Prisha takes Rahul with her and hides in Charan’s car. Mahima tells Jerry to summon and bring the money. Jerry tells her that they too should hand over Rudraksh. Mahima shouts until Mahima takes the money from her and will not give Rudraka the prasha. Prisha moves to Jerry with Rahul and tells him that she will not give Sarna more money until she brings Rudraksha. Jerry gestured at her. Suddenly some people go there and shoot Jerry. Mary worries about Jerry. The police also started fighting with the people. Preisha is hiding behind a tree with Rahul. Maria tries to go to Jerry, but Mahima stops her so that the police catch her.

Prisha told the police inspector that Jerry did not want to hand over Rudraksh and suddenly some people arrived. The police inspector told him that there were two gangs in the case. He thanked her that the refuge was safe because of him. He tells her that they will send Jerry to the hospital to get information about Rudra. Preisha is shocked to see Saresh missing in the car.

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