Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 27th April 2021 Written Update

Shriya and Anoki look at each other. Loneliness … he left while playing. she cried. Devi said that Shriya does not love you, I already felt that she saw you with that girl and she said that she loves that girl. Shouted Shakun. Devi said the girl was clever. Shakun I Hear It, Shuriya says that she does not love me. Devi I am really sorry, but trust me, she is the woman who was imprisoned. Shakun said that he was not a child, he knew what he was doing, and even if he threw this surprise party, I hope he had planned something big, it would be our arrival. But was ruined, so he behaved like this. Devi said that Shriya had never spoken to me and she challenged my love and rights for the first time. Sorry Shakun aunty, you have been with her for many years. When Aastha left Sharia, she was too young, she kept crying for mother all day, I did her, I thought I would call Asta, but Tej explained to me, Sharia needs love from Mummy, Mummy Not from, gave me that love. Shakun Notes.

Devi says that love and need are different, maybe you still love someone, but she needs you, he sees the shag in the girl, she thinks she needs, she is sure That she feels wrong, as she chose between me and Aastha, she will choose between you and Anoki. Shakun says that I don’t think so. Devi says, we cannot run away from the ground, we will fight and win, I need your help, I cannot stand that girl. He convinced Shakun. She thinks that Anastasia cannot bring faith back.

The Shariah directs and considers everything. Anoki says that you scold me, you slap me, I have made a big mistake, I did like a Frank. Bobby tells him to calm down. Even if this relationship is over, can it all be done in life, no, you can do a lot in life, you came here with a dream, you became old, unique, said. Anoki says that love is nonsense, it has no place in my life and no place for Sharia. I met Shriya in an accident. I said that I do not want to know him. The goddess brings a shag to the family. Do I request the privilege of providing contact news in the newspaper? No, Devi says we will wait. Without Sharia, Pebo says that he has already arrived at a bachelor party. Kanjaan calls Sharia. Shakun says that we will have a party when Sharia arrives. Gayatri is standing in Kanchan. Everyone said that they were not in a good mood. Yash asks Kanjan why he is worried. Shriya went after Anoki, both of them did not reply, I am worried about what is going on there, if something is wrong. Again

Sharia goes to hotel with injuries. he fell. Devi looked at Sharia and shouted. Devi and all surprised. Devi asks him to call a doctor. Dr. Sharia is being treated. I gave her stitches for a head injury and she said that we should do an MRI scan and call her when she feels up. He is gone. Kanjan said that I did not like it very much. Gayatri reassured him. He calls it faith. Aastha asked if everything was alright. Gayatri says no, Shriya met her in an accident in Goa.

Faith got shocked. she cried. Kansan is called unique. Ahir asks Anoki, Popli is their Kallis, they will throw them away. Popli said there is no need. They said it was not safe and I will take you. Anoki rejects Kanzan’s call. Popli asks why you call Kanchan. Anoki says that Sharia is probably calling from her phone. Bobby said that I would rebuke him. We will talk later and we have to go back to the hotel, says Anoki. Called Ahir. Forgive him, I have to go into an emergency, tell me if you need anything, go to the recipe, I’m packing my bags. They go. The goddess asks Sharia why you and I punished her. She cries, holding her hand. Kanjaan kept staring. Anoki washed her face and thanked Shuria for opening my eyes. He gets a voice recording of Kanchan. Curzon said of the Sharia accident. He tells Anoki to come soon. Anoki shouted.

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