Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10th April 2021 Written Update

Shaurya Thinks Who Called Shagun And Why. Shagun Hides From Him. Devi Asks Who You Find. He did not say to anyone. Asking What Happened to You. He Says Nothing, I M Fine. He Says You Can’t Lie To Me. He says Yes, I don’t know what happened, I felt like I saw Shagun. You Ask Do You Remember Him, It’s Not Easy To Forget The First Love, Shagun And Your Jodi Were Perfect, Everything Is Wrong, We Can Talk To Him If You Want. Shaurya says No, It’s Good. Alok Looks. He Says Maybe You Didn’t Forget Shagun Until Now, You Still Love Him. Shaurya Says No. Devi Says Its Truth. Shaurya Says I Should Do An Holic Work. He is leaving. Anokhi Says I Can’t Deal With PS Now. Shaurya Comes To Meet Him. She smiles. Devi says We Won’t Do This If You Feel Bad, I’m For You And Your Joy And Happiness.

Shagun Says I Didn’t Mean That. Devi Says You’re Listening To Your Heart, Reduce The Distance, Shaurya’s Guide Was Not Special, This Could Be Special, You Can Make It Special. Anchor Asks What Happened, What He Said. He asks Why you are not ready. He asks How I did it. Says I Will Make You Ready, I M Finding Good Clothing For You. He says I don’t want to go. He Says You Are The Strong Head, You Must Go. He Says We Are Not Forced Any Student. He Says Rules Are Rules. He asks Why It Affects Me to Come. Says You Imp.

Alok Says He Came, No One Told Me. Shagun Greetings. Alok says I think Devi called you, welcome. Devi Says Her Parents Live Here. Devi Says Shaurya Still Loves Shagun, I Will Not Let Anokhi Get A Reward, Shaurya Will Have A Rich And High Partner Partner. Alok says Yes, Do Shaurya and Shagun Patch Up. Devi says I want Shaurya not to let him go this time. Shaurya Says Imp, So Chosen. Anokhi Says No They Are Arguing. You Get Pain. He Says Show Me, Are You Injured. Says I M Fine.

He Blows Into His Eyes. Meri Raahein… .You play… You drink. They fell on the bed. They have eyelashes. You Say This Will Be Right For You When You Say It. Anokhi Says When You Leave Here And Bese He Goes Out And Waits For Him. Ready to Open the Door. She smiles You see her. He begs you to come. He says Go, I will come. You Say No, Go On, I’ll Follow, So You Don’t Change Your Objectives. He is leaving. Devi Says Shagun is Lucky. Shaurya and Anokhi Come There. Anchor Slips. Saurya catches him. Devi and Alok See Them and Get Angry. Counsel Comes To Devi. He begs her to leave.

He Asks Shagun To Enter The Leadership Work Tomorrow. Shagun Says Yes. Devi Says You Have To Leave Today, It Will Be A Problem If Someone Sees Us. Shagun Goes. Devi Discusses Her Plan With Alok. Enoch Wants to Find Out His Friends. Ahir Comes And Praises Him. He says I was thinking of celebrating the Hall with Everyone. Shaurya Looks. Ahir Praises Him. She thanks him. Counsel Comes To Them. Ahir Says I Didn’t Really Come, Your Family Invited Me To Thank You Maybe, Because I Found You That Day. Shaurya Says I Should Thank You, He Saved Me And Helped Us. Ahir Says You Are Beautiful, You Are Lost. Shaurya Goes. Ahir Says You Should Have Fun ,, You Should Make Friends. Reema Asks You Will Be My Friend. Ahir Says Ask Anokhi About It. Reema Says She’s Wise. Students Ask Shaurya To Sing A Song. He refuses. Everyone Insists. Shaurya Says I Don’t Want To Sing. He sees Enoch.

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