Shaadi Mubarak 10th April 2021 Written Update

Neil asks how the old uncle will come. KD said that he was here. He goes and meets Preeti. He said I should visit my uncle. They showed him a hard life. She works He K.D. Is the son of Boss, he can do something, you quit your job, you shot me. He emotionally blackmailed Preity. He looks after her. Kirti plays a prank to confuse Little with Preity. Preeti says my mother 2 will not leave you. KD is in the office. Preeti comes to meet KD. Shyam stopped him. Preity said that I want to know her. Priyanka says that Preeti has arrived, you should not be here and will see kirtan here. He says that he should not know Im Katie. Preity will come here and meet KD. KD bears the disguise of an old man. He said, Mirror To show you the truth, you must know humanity and behavior. He reprimands Kirtan for firing at him. Laughing KD asked him.

He says, my personal subject is my employee, and I have a reason to kill him. Preeti it is a lie, you ask me, I am not local, I know why you beat her, I quit my job and hurt your ego. Listen to what he has to say to me, I am ready to take him back to work, you have taught me a lesson, your chance, think, if you respect others, will you work here? He said yes, I care, this is the difference between us. He wore. Katie says that Preeti loves me again. Priyanka says that she looks after Katie, not Katie. When he comes here, he says that I will show him well. He gets a call from Preity. He said I have good news, I will be at your house in 10 minutes. I said, I am going now, I have to be ready, he is going to meet me. He gets a call from Kirti’s school. The Guru asks him to come. Vishal called. Moses told me to call instead, save my number, I will go.

KD Kushala says and Keerthy has some issues, are you going there? Kushala said yes. KD goes to the man’s house and tells Moses to come, coughing. He removes the beard. Preity told that I found cakes and pastries where things went. Katie said that I had to sell my uncle to get medicine. He said, I have good news, I agreed to work with Shadi Mubarak and your boss agreed to keep you. He really listens, thanks. They said yes. He said that you are willing to work for me for KD, you hate him. Vishal calls on the teacher to find out the problem. Kirti says that your mother did not come. Kushala comes and says that KD is busy, so I have to come. The child blames the woman and fights. Vishal said that my daughter will not lie and take action against him. Kushala condemned him. He also debated. The Guru asks them not to argue. He gave me a chance to give a dramatic audition and showcase my talent. Kushala said that Keerthi would only play the role of a princess. Kirti thanked him. They go. Preeti you have to thank my fu rj, he said it was a beautiful thing, don’t do bad for a bad person, don’t forget to do good for a good person. KD says I want to tell you, KD is not so bad, sometimes circumstances make people worse

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