Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th April 2021 Written Update

Keha becomes happy after seeing Anand. Hema asks Anand what is Kehna’s wonderful birthday gift? Radhika entered. Kanaka feels that a big bomb has exploded today and asks Anant if Radhika’s Kehna is a surprise gift. Pa asks don’t tell it. Heral meets Radhika and asks Kehna to take her. Hema feels that Radhika comes back to haunt him. Kehna cuts the cake and feeds Paan and Bapuji etc. first. Radhika Kehna walks out and eats her cake. Kehna thanks her. Kanaka tells Kehna that if she informed him before her birthday, she too would bring a gift like Anant. Pa stops him. Kanak asks her to fight with the others and asks Anand what he had brought for Kehna. She says in surprise.

Paresh asks Radhika to leave his house. Anand comes back with Radhika’s bag and asks her to stay with them. Paa takes her aside and asks how Kehna would have felt if Radhika had stayed here. Anand remembers Radhika asking him not to inform the family about his controversial marriage as he does not like Ba, Bapuji, or whoever watches him with sympathy. He tells Pavith that Radhika’s wife has come for a business tour, so she is bringing him here as she will be fine. Pa asks about the others, no one likes it, he will talk to Radhika. Bapu stops him. Anand takes Radhika to the guest room. Pa is acting angry. Pankaj tells Chetan that there are already many drum trees and now Anand has brought Radhika to break the peace of this house. Chhappan feels that he knows why Anand brought Radhika home, but if he hides the truth, he can too. Kehan ​​stood there sadly.

Paresh tells Thea that he has explicitly told Anand not to take Radhika home. If Anand still loves Radhika, even if she is confused, said Thia. Paresh trusts Kehan ​​and should not be a condition because of Anand’s involvement. Hema asks Kehna if she will try to catch Anant as Radhika is smart. Kehan ​​says that he will talk to Anand and ask the reason for it. He then goes back to his room and they see Roshni looking at him. He sees a note in the mirror, reads it, sees a gift box, opens it and is excited to see a watch. She wears it, finds another gift box with a necklace and she wears it happily. Anand goes inside and is ashamed to see her. He tells Radhika to think why he is taking Radhika home and asks if there is any problem with this. He says that he will not bring Radhika like them and asks if he is hiding anything from her. He said that Radhika was his friend, so he brought it up; Guilt that hid the truth from him. He thinks that there must be a greater reason to hide the truth. She asks if he needs a gift. He said that this was the first time he had received gifts as no one had ever celebrated his birthday. Anand says that he also celebrates everyone’s birthday, so he will give him 20 special gifts on his 20th birthday and make it memorable.

Kanaka goes to Radhika and says that she is a runner and lost forever in Kehna, why bring her back. Radhika said that she should not worry when there is a companion like Kanaka. He embraced her, had a good plan, and Ananthi believed that her marriage was a suspect. Kanaka says that he will turn Kehna’s marriage into a complicated marriage and ruin her life. Pham Radhika says that Kehna will not let him share her happiness. Kanaka says that they will take them and give them to Radhika. He thinks that Kehna has captured the throne of his mistress Surat and now he will take the biggest throne and give it to Radhika.

Anand blindfolds Kehna and takes her into the room and shows her favorite compliment. He was happy. He said that he would prepare and feed it with his own hands, which is just the beginning and many surprises remain. She is earning fame, while Kehan ​​is right there, Radhika comes and eats it.

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