Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2021 Written Update

Kanan Informs Radha That He Has Bad News, Anant And Gehna Are Missing And Pankaj And Chetan Did Not Find Them In The Temple. Radhika asks where they should have gone. Kanak says They must be dating somewhere as a couple. Radhika Angrily Throws Her Phone And Decides To Get Anant. Anant Prepares Herbal Paste. You see her shivering, checking her temperature and thinking she has nothing, which means she’s shivering from being bitten by a Scorpion.

She Wraps A Cloth In Her Face And Attaches Herbs To Her Wound, Says She Had Goed To Pooja For Her And Cares So Much About Her, But She Doesn’t Know At All. The Hut Lady Brings Mango Leaves And Asks To Bind Them Near The Scorpton Bite Gehenna. He does the same and asks if the toxic effect will end. He says they will know after 2 days and then ask for a break as he also looks injured. He says He is alive. Give him Water. He Says His Wife Is Fasting And Will Have Water Only After Drinking Water. He says his wife is very lucky to have him as her husband. You Think You’re Lucky Than That.


Pankaj Ad Chetan Returns Home And Informs The Family That They Searched Anant And Gehna Everywhere And Did Not Find Them, So They Must Filed A Lost Appeal. Family Agrees. Hema thinks If Sagar does something, he should follow Kanak’s order for sure. He tells Kanak that he needs to talk to her importantly and take her to his room. Kanak Asks Why He Brought Him Here. Hema Says His Sin Pot Is Full And Its Time To Break It. Kanan tries to slap her, and holds her hand and warns her enough, she always supported him like a doll, but he is no more; He Knows His Geh Holded By Gean Order By Kanak Order. Kanak Actions in Surprise. Hema Warns To Stop Imitating. Kanak Says He Hates Gehna, But He Won’t Want Sagar To Kidnap And Hurt Him, So He Should Never Stretch Again. Hema Thinks You Believe Kanak Or Not.

Anant Gets Worried About Seeing Gehna’s Condition And Thinking About Calling A Doctor. Gehna Holds Her Hand In An Uncomplicated State And Calls Her. He sits back emotionally and calls her, and she falls unconscious again. He thinks He should bring a doctor right away, but he stops remembering Sagar trying to abuse Gehna and thinks he can’t endanger Gehna’s health again. He moves her to her feet and tells the lady that his wife has not yet heard. You Ask for Patience. He Continues Shaking Gehenna.

The Baa Is Very Concerned About Anant And Gehna And Seeing A Gehenna Pot Of Flowers Breaks The Thinking If Something Happened To Gehna. Anant tries his best to awaken Gehna and sprinkles water on him and faces God to awaken his consciousness. Gehna shakes violently. Gehna Says Anant Ji Opens Eyes. She Gets Joy And Hugs Him. Radhika Comes In And Spends To See Them Friends They parted by seeing him, but Mangalsutra clung to his boat. Radhika Says Thank God She Is Alive, She Came To Pray For Her Husband And She Heard The Police Explaining Her Missing, Seeked Them And Did Not Know That They Would Be Found In This Condition.

Lady thanks God and tells Gehna that she noticed, Her Husband Was Very Worried About Her, She Was Lucky For Her Husband To Love Her So Much. Gehenna Reminders Elevate Anant And He Rejects Him. The Lady Says Anant Was Concerned About Her And Didn’t Drink Even A Drop Of Water That Even She Is Fasting And Will Drink Water Just After Her. He gives them water and they both drink, leaving Radhika jealous. Gehna thanks Mom and tells Anant that she is OK and they should go home as the family should worry about them. Radhika Says She Will Throw Them Home.

Bapuji And Paresh Get There And Ask If They Are Right. Bapuji asks what Radhika is doing here. Anant Says He Even Came Here To Pray In The Temple. Bapuji Asks That He Had Brought To Bring Gehenna From The Temple, How Did They Get Here. Anant Thinks Doubt About Gehna’s Kidnap And Says Scorpion Bit Gehna. Bapuji Concerns And Asks For Rehabilitation Calling a Doctor.

Gehna Says She Is As Beautiful As A Little Girl And Treat Her With Herbal Remedies. Anant claims that Lady informed him of the solution. Bapuji Thanks Lady Followed by Anant And Gehna. Radhika tries to go with them. Gehna Stops Her And Asks To Go Home Like Her Late Night. Radhika Says She’s Concerned About Anant. Anant says Gehna, Bapuji, and Paresh Are With Him, So He Must Return Home. He Thinks To Leave Her Today, She Will Return To Him After 2 Days.

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