Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2021 Written Update

Gehenna Ties A Rope To The Holy Tree In The Temple While Sagar Is Hidden As The Old Man Looks On. Baa sees my baby walking towards the door and asks where he is going. He Says Back to Gehenna. Baa Says He Will Send Someone As Unhealthy, But He Does Not Listen To Him And Leaves. Sagar Tells Gehna That Her Husband’s Life Is In Danger And Asks Her Husband’s Name Starting With A. He says Yes. She asks him to take a black string from her and tie it to her husband’s wrist. He walks through Him. He Blows Hypnotic Powder On His Face Falling.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2021 Written
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2021 Written

He kidnapped her with his cattle and bullets. Anant Reaches The Temple And Searches Gehna And Thinks Tia Was Told Gehna Has Come To This Temple But Not Found. He Shows Gehna’s Pic To The Woman Who Asks If He Can See Him. The Lady Says She Sees Him Walking Behind The Temple. He wonders why he has gone so far as to see an old man and a few others in charge of the Palanquin. Sagar Hides Gehna in Palanquin. Anant Neglectes And Calls The Police Station For Lost Complaint And Fears That His Life Is In Danger. Bapuji Calls Him And His Phone Turns Off Due To Battery Discharge.

Baa Asks Bapuji Driving Anant. Sapan Asks Where the Baby and Man Go in This Situation. Baa Says Gehna Went To The Temple, So He Went And Returned With Him. Kanak Says Why He Went There And Suspects Gehenna Hiral returns to him. Bapuji asks Pankaj and Chetan to go to the temple and bring them back.

Sagar Takes Gehna Into A Cage And Asks For His Medals To Observe Outside. She Has Been Running Her Fingers Into Gehna Hair And She Thinks You Will Find Her Today For Sure. Anant continues his search for Gehna. Sagar Holding Bangles Reminds Kanan To Give Them As Insult And Says He Will Put Them In Gehna Whips. Gehna opens her eyes and sees a man older than her. He presses Sagar Away, but grabs her and tries to hurt her. He shouted at her to leave. Anant Hears His Walk To The Hut, But The Chiefs Stop Him And Chase Him. He fights the bosses who say his wife is still alive and will not leave without taking her. Pankaj and Chetan Reach The Temple And Don’t Find Them There, Pankaj Calls Kanak And Announces That Anant And Gehna Must Leave Home. Anant Opens The Door Room And Sees Sagar In Gehna Asks Who He Is And Why He Has Taken Gehenna. Sagar Runs Away. Gehna Cries To Hug Anant. Anant asks not to worry as the old man escaped.

Kanan Informs The Family That Pankaj Informed That Anant And Gehna Are Not In The Temple. Hema Thinks Where They Should Have Gone And Reminds Sagar To Hear Her Conversation With Gehna. He Calls Sagar And Asks If He Has Done Something Like Only You Know Gehenna Goes To The Temple. Sagar’s denial. Hema Gives Him His Promise. He Admits To Capturing Gehenna And Taking Him To The Grave, But Anant Got There And Had To Run Away; The Police Are Looking For Him And You Need To Escape. Hema thinks he doesn’t know what Baila will do to get revenge.

Anant Asks Gehna What Really Happened. He describes the complete incident and says that the old man was a goon in his father’s disguise. Anant Says The Old Man Must Be A Sagar Really. Gehna Says If She Had Not Redeemed Her, You Would Not Know What Happened To Her He Says The Famous One Should Have Come Surat. Scorpio Bites And Wraps It In Pain And Folding. Anant Awareness Scorpio Thinks He Can’t Come Back With Ghna Back Home, So He Sees A Cottage Near To Take It There.

Kanan On the Phone Informed Radhika That Gehna Went To The Temple And Anant Went To Get Her Back, Missing Since. Radhika Fume. Anant Asks Hut Owner Who Says Scorpio Bites His Wife And Needs Help. The young woman invites him in. She Says Her Body Is Cold. The Lady Says She Must Get The Scorpio Toxins Out Of Her Body And Since There Is No Clinic Near She Must Use A Home Remedy To Wash The Bites And Apply Turmeric Paste Over It. Anant Prays To God To Save Gehna. Baa also prays that he will not speak to her until Gehna and Anant return home safely.

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