Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th April 2021 Written Update

Anand prepares Bani Puri for Kehan ​​and serves him. When Kehna eats it, Radhika takes it and eats it, saying that it is delicious, and apologizes to Kehna, saying that she cannot fight. Kehan ​​stood there sadly. Radhika recalls how she found Bani Puri in Singapore. Kehan ​​asked what it does. Radhika jokingly said that she wanted Bani Puri and asked her to get her necklace back. Kehan ​​reminds Anand to give. Radhika shows different necks and says that Anand bought it for Kehna and he is coming back to get what he had. Anand said that the defeat happened by mistake. Radhika asks Kehna if she wants to exchange gifts. Kehna defeats him. Radhika asks Anand if there can be a little Bani Puri, if she comes here… Bani Puri says. He asks her to prepare Spicy Pani Puri for him. He has done. When Kehan ​​stands by jealousy he enjoys Bani Puri. Radhika has a cough. Kehna goes to the kitchen to get her water and sees the purification of the goddess in the power to clean it.

She and Radhika fly with Anand until Kina cleans the kitchen. He calls Radhika and asks her to implement the next plan. Radhika saves his wife Kanak’s number, so Vineet harasses her and says that it will act as if he is sending his pictures and banging his head. He catches her, and she runs away. She thinks that she cannot be left alone this time. Kehna returns to the room thinking that Radhika will leave her room, but is sad to see Anand exploding behind Radhika. Anand stops Radhika and says that he will not leave her alone. Radhika says that Vineeth should send the business documents immediately and if he fails and Vineeth loses the business contract, he does not know what he will do for her. Anand went with him. Kanak teases Kehan ​​by saying that her husband left the surprise party and went to Radhika. Kehna reminds Anant to reject her offer. Kanak feels that his master plan has worked and Kehna will leave her half-husband with half her girlfriend.

Radhika goes home with Anand and searches the document. Anand asks her calmly and finally thinks where she is. Kehna calls Anand and inadvertently asks where he went. He said that he is fine and will be back in 1 hour. Radhika thinks that he will keep her busy all night and he will not allow her to go back to Kehna. He asks to return to Kehna. Kanak / Vineeth call her and she finds a file at home. Aneed tells him to inform Vinit, who will send it to him when he gets the file, and Vineeth asks why he is afraid to hold her hand. He works as a writer in pain. She asks if Vineet harasses her and why she is afraid of him. Radhika said that if they are alone then they should be scared; Anand marries Kehna, he gets a friend, he marries Vineet thinking that he lies, but was an enemy; He is always in fear. Kehna waits for Anand and sees him at 3 pm. Radhika sleeps as if holding a cup. Anand comes back with coffee and asks Vineet to send the file. She falls asleep, tries to take a file, and she is asleep. She thinks that you should inform Kehna that she is in Radhika, if they think they don’t want to.

In the morning, Kehna wakes up to hear the doorbell and opens the door thinking that Anand is back, but finds Milkman’s place. He searches the guest room and wonders if Radhika is not there and if they are still together. She prepares breakfast and thinks if she can call Anant. The doorbell rings again and she opens the door hoping to leave, but she finds another woman who says that she is a fashion designer and brings her ordered clothes for her husband. Hema and others say that they also check clothes. Kanaka asks Kehna to check on Anand’s clothes. The adults join in, and Bapuji asks Keena to call Anant. Kehan ​​says he is not at home. Orphan returns with Radhika. Bapuji asked where they had gone. Kanak said that they had gone out all night and are coming now

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