Pandya Store 9th April 2021 Written Update

Ravi hug Ravi. Ravi Think I Will Never Forgive For You. Gautam Hughes Shiva. Krish also embraces Shiva and makes him happy. Ravi Hugs Prafull. Rishita asks why is she doing this drama when she got married to someone else, how did she think she would marry you, do you like her. She laughs. Jagat Ravi to Have Faith, It’s for His Betterment. He blessed Shiva and Ravi. Kanta asks him to have sweets, weddings take place, it happens in any situation. Dhara takes her away with him. Prafulla said that Ravi’s life has been ruined. Jagat says that what I did is right. He said that Ravi Mad Give Shiva, It’s a Big Loss for Us. She scolds Anita for ruining her life. She argues. She says that I will marry someone to Anita. Couples sit down to eat sweets. Happy is Rishita. Praful Sis Anita.

Hardik helps Prafulla get an idea. Rishita fed sweets to Dev. Krish jokes feed sweets to Shiva. Act blissfully and say, I would ask someone to help me. He calls Anita. He asks her to take the gift. Praful gets an idea. He throws the split on Anita. Anita gets hurt. Prafulla takes Hardik home to see his wound. Anita says I will go myself. Prafulla says, take her home, I will handle all this. Hearty takes Anita. Rishita says happily for PIC, Dev will break the camera to control Rishita. Shiva gets angry at the photographer. Dhara apologizes. Rishita says click our picture, this is not a forced marriage for us, its love marriage, pics should be good. Dev stopped her. Ravi and more. Shiva looks at him. Rishita says don’t make faces, pictures will be spoiled, eat sweets, please. Ravi leaves sad. Shiva and Dhara also leave.

Rishita Aks Are You Not Happy. Dev says, my family is going through emotional stress, you want to celebrate. She says I left you to marry my family, I’m Happy for Myself, Every Against Our Marriage, Still We Got Married, Our Love Won. He said that we would meet any day to celebrate. She says that it cannot be a wedding day, we can keep memories, it is right for me to be happy. Ravi sits in the car. The earth becomes dead. Sitting with Ravi Shiva told Dhara Dhara says, I have to go home early to make arrangements, you sit with Ravi, I will come in another car. Hrishita took the Dev Wave Ravi banner from Dhara’s hand. She shows it to Ravi and tears. Everyone watches. Ravi becomes depressed. Gautam Pix The Banner. Shiva sits in the car. Gautam says that the status of Ravi is not low in the family, you are now our daughter-in-law, you both have the same situation and live together under the same roof. Prafull gets angry on Rishita.

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