Pandya Store 6th April 2021 Written Update

Jagat Asks Suman Why He Made Ravi Left Out In The Mandap, What’s Raavi’s Mistake. He Says He Punished Me For My Sins, But What Is Raavi’s Fault In This? Everyone is crying. Janardhan Comes To See Rishita. He sees her go and scolds Kalalyani. He Says You Should Be Here, How To Answer The Bridegroom’s Family. Ravi Says I Loved You Like A Child Praises A Great Hero, Be My Great Hero, I Always Came To Help You, You Didn’t Take Me As A Regular Follower, Why.

Pandya Store 6th April 2021 Written
Pandya Store 6th April 2021 Written


You See And You Say And I Have Seen It As My Life Since Childhood, I Have Seen Love For You. Dev cries. Ravi Says You Love Rishita, What About My Love, Love Means Dedication To Me, Are You Taking Me To My Love Test, All This Is Prank Right, Shiva Would Tell You To Play This Prank, Tell Me, You Love Me. Dev Turns. He asks if he will marry me. Leaving Hands. Ravi cries and runs to the room. He locks the door. He removes the decorations and angrily destroys the room. He Remembers All. Jag Soona… .Play… Everyone Knocks On The Door, Asking Him To Open The Door. Dhara asks Shiva to break down the door. They Saw Ravi Attempting Suicide By Hanging On The Ground. Shiva Gets Ravi Down. They asked Raavi to open his eyes. Ravi Gives Awareness. Janardhan Scolded by the Bridegroom’s Father. Bua Says This Wedding Will Happen, Give Us Time. Rishita Hugs Dev And Says They Didn’t Know You Won’t Let Our Love Be Conquered. Bua Says He Finds Rishita And Takes Her To The Mandap, He Would Have Passed The Dev, He Went First Before something Wrong Happened. Janardhan Says Yes, Treat Them, I’ll Get Rishita. Rishita Says We Should Not Be Late, We Should Get Married. Dev Says I Can’t Marry You, I Love You, But What Your Family And My Family Did, I Can’t Forget That Blasphemy. Rishita Says I Left My Marriage Mandap, My Father Will Find Me To Take Me Home And Kill Me, If I Get Married, I Will Just Marry You, I Will Not Let You Be Someone Else. Raavi Hugs Prafulla And Crying.

You hit Shiva and ask why you saved me, why you didn’t let me die, you hate me. Gautam Says Ravi, Its Suicide Sin, Calms. Ravi Says Marrying Dev Was My Life, Let Me Die. Jagat Says No, Enough. He kisses Raavi. Says Dhara, Why Is This Injustice With Raavi, What Is Her Fault. Prafulla says I told you he was away from Dhara, He would cheat on you, you didn’t listen to me, you wanted to be like Dhara. Anita also scolds Dhara. He asks why he has fallen so far for revenge on Ravi. Shiva scolds Anita. He Says His Mistake Is Just Just Dev In This, There Is No Other. Ravi Says His Mistake Is Not One, My Mistake Of Life To date, I Don’t Want To Live. Jagat Comforts Her. Dhara Says Calm Down Raavi, Its My Mistake, I Could Not Give You Happiness With You And Dev. Raavi asks Jagat to take him home. Kanta Says Come Soon Gautam, Suman Is Not Healthy. Gautam, Shiva and Dhara run to Suman.

Suman Is Angry With Dhara. He says it all happened because of you, you ruined everything. Gautam Says We Will Find The Way. Dhara cries. Suman Says If Something Happens To Me, Then File A Police Complaint Against Him, Ask Him Not To Touch Him, Get Him Out. Gautam Asks Hardik Driving Doctor. Dhara Thinks Ravi Can Try To Suicide Again. He stops Ravi. He says Don’t go, We’ll find a way. Ravi Says There Is No Way I Can Take It Now.

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