Pandya Store 10th April 2021 Written Update

Prafulla says that we are going to Suman’s house today. Jagat says that I respect Shiva more that he married Ravi. He immediately asked me to take him to Suman’s house. Suman finds Tara’s things that make brides happy. Tara tells Sumana to look at things once. Suman says that you have made marriage a joke, you want to be a mother, this is the difference between a real and fake uncle. Tara was crying. Suman said that two marriages took place here, but there was only one tragedy, you destroyed everything. Tara is leaving Hearty takes care of Anita. She asks if there is any medicine or ointment. Anita said that yes, it is in the kitchen cupboard. it would take. Tara says that I have heard that Jodis were made at the request of Prabhu, I never wanted to repent, Dev got her love, but I forced Shiva and Ravi to get married, their lives with love. Fill and make everything better. Suman and Tara welcome the newly married couple. Ravi thinks my dream is shallow now. He saw Shiva and wept. Tara is going to perform Aarti. Rishita is standing in Tara. Dev asks why did you stop Tara.

Rishita I rectified my mistake, how can Tara do our Aarti, mother-in-law is right, she is not our mother-in-law, let Suman Aarti. He is right, Prabhupada says that Tara is not his mother and he has no mother. She thinks that Rishita can destroy the house now. Hearty helps Anita’s leg. He gives drugs. Rishita Tara Saeed is a daughter-in-law like us, who has the right to perform aarti for the sauce, the best Suman Aarti. Suman noticed. Shiva says that Tara decides what is right and what is wrong. Dev says Tara Aarti will do, if you want to stay here, follow the rules, we have the same situation for Suman and Tara. He tells Rishita not to forget, they get married to Tara. Anita says that you can close the door and go out the window, then I will not have to get up and close the door. Hardik said that the idea was good. He told his Ravi’s idea and he used it to meet Dev. Shiva will keep Ravi happy and that day will come and Shiva will not appear and you will see his truth and goodness.

Rishita says that it was wrong, we got married because I came there and Tara married that girl. Shiva, his name is Ravi, his position is similar to yours in this house, ask your family what is the situation of Tara and we will go inside the house while Tara is doing Aarti. Dev said that Tara is our mother. According to Rishita, she is not your mother, there is a difference between being a mother and being a mother. Kuttam Rishita, there should be boundaries of relationships, otherwise they will break, you are our shoulder now, there is no logic in our house. Rishita asks if she can hold my opinion. Kuttam says that you have to stay within the limits of relationships. Shiva says that he left his parents, we will explain to him how important Tara is to us, Tara was not born to us like Yashoda, we are not born to Krishna, if we give you his sacrifices. Tell me about it, it is their shame, we will not ask anything against it, if you make this wrong mistake, I will forget our relationship. Tara asks him to stand near Ravi.

Prafulla said I will perform aarti. I ask why, I ask everything for many hours, my house, my decisions will be made here, I will decide who will do art here. She said Rishita, Tara is not your chutney, you said like her mother, so she is like your chutney, so she is no longer your chutney and im your chutney, stay here if you agree, otherwise one The alternative is, go. Tara was crying. Suman asks Tara to tell them. He says that those who want to take Aarti as far as Tari should come on another holiday. Tara asks if I will do aarti. Suman said yes. Does Tara Aarti perform. Look at Rishita angrily. Shiva thinks I did this marriage with Tara, how can I relate it.

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