Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 9th April 2021 Written Update

Sulochana says that Vijay Dada Pallavi did not take the phone back, now half and hour, she is not even at the shop, always leaves for the shop but never, Pallavi walks in and sorry sorry I cannot pick up the call and the battery Dead and why are you all starring for me, Sulochana Pallavi says you should get an Oscar, you are asking WhatsApp after Raghav’s child is miscarried, Pallavi says what the fuck are you doing, Sulochana Hand Abortion receives and says this is not nonsense, Pallavi sees everyone. And then the receipt and says, this is not my name how can you blame me, Sulochana says that if Sharda can blame my daughter just because she talks to boys, I have a lot against you The evidence is there, I agree with Amrita male friends. Don’t you act like you are, Sharada says you are calling it wrong, Sulochana, Sulochana says that you have blamed my daughter, Amrita has sworn on me, Amrita says that I swear this to you. These kinds of things are not needed, I prove, I am innocent. Lokhana said that I swear or you see my dead face, Mansi swears that she is not his, Sulochana says that 2 girls have given up their No, now only Pallavi has left, look at this date. This is the same date you call the hospital, Pallavi, yes you went to the hospital for a stomach infection, Sulochana says, you had miscarried, Vijay says that this Stopping the topic We all know that Pallavi was not ready to go to the hospital, we forced her, Sulochana tried to answer, Pallavi says, I cannot adopt this receipt, and swear to Sharda. Sharda even told Sulochana that my daughter has proved, Sulochana says, I don’t leave the subject, I am a mother, Milind says, Sulochana says, we will go to the hospital, Sulochana says We will go to the hospital.

Raghav, along with Farhad, discussing hiring a designer, they see people gathering on the street and see an old woman smacking a car and people making videos, Raghav quickly turns to the woman. Takes him to the hospital.

Deshmukh’s Hospital, Dr. Pallavi said to Kanika, receptionist says she will inform OT once, Sulochana says we will wait, Sharda says Pallavi trusts us and because of Sulochana here, Pallavi says, I know I am

Raghav asks Farhad to find out the family of the woman and he will look after all the expenses, Farhad finds information and family.
Pallavi Is Dr. Kanika is available. Kanika asks what is wrong and why she is here with the whole family, Kanika gets a call that she suddenly needs for the patient, Pallavi says we will wait for you, Kanika says her fine Pallav miscarriage Makes you wait, says Pallavi. What, Kanika says I know you were not accepting this baby, so we went for an abortion, Pallavi says you are wrong, I am getting it wrong. I did nothing, Kanika says, I need patients waiting, I leave everything.

Pallavi Vijay says there is confusion, Vijay says we will talk at home and Raghav, Sulochana says son is in law, even, Raghav Deshmukh sees the family, and this family is Lord Keeps me away from me or I will kill his father, Farhad says I will rest and all will be well, you need any help, Vijay slaps his Raghav to stay away from me and my family. Asked to kill, Raghav grabs Vijay’s collar and says how angry you are at your house, Pallavi pushes Raghav away and says within his limits, Raghav says, first my house then hospital, Sulochana says , It is interesting, Raghav says, stop your bullshit and you dare old man you will play with my family with me.

Siddhesh asks Pallavi what is this, Pallavi says why the doctor lied, Pallavi enters and follows Raghav into Kanika’s cabin, Pallavi gives her money to Raghav and says thanks, Pallavi Asked Raghav to take him to the doctor and congratulated the doctor. To lose the new, I will lose as favorable to you, I thought you cared about the reputation of the people, but you have done it for me since I refused to leave the store, you Joined my family, I don’t do what you want now and Dr. Kanika your license should be canceled.
Farhad walks in and asks why was she talking, Raghav aks doctor, Kanika se i don’t know, Raghav takes care of Ses Accident Case and Leaves.

Vijay says that no one will believe in you Pallavi and Sulochana will take full advantage of this, I know that Dr. Lying, people will point towards you and just because you will have a bare relationship with the whole family, from today you will say, stay away from Raghav iti order, Pallavi thinks Raghav I don’t leave you.

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