Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th April 2021 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Pallavi’s client shows him that Pallavi’s serial color is being removed. Pallavi said it was impossible with his sarees. Pallavi’s customer asked him to offer a 70% discount otherwise he would not accept the burden. Pallavi used his client’s bathroom and asked him to call the police because he had left his phone at his home. Amruta said if Raghav and Pallavi were to live together he would not be able to find Raghav.

Sulochana said don’t worry just do whatever I say. Amruta is happy and leaves. Pallavi’s client asks Pallavi to forgive him. Pallavi said he found vinegar and baking soda in the bathroom and said this removes stains from clothes. Pallavi has declared his client guilty of misconduct. Pallavi’s client said he would pay double if he forgave her. Raghav said he paid double the amount of real money. Pallavi said he did not need the money to punish her. Raghav said this is a business, see your profit and profit.

Amruta has announced that Pallavi will offer performance now. Everyone started shouting the name of Pallavi. Mansi phoned Pallavi to ask him to return home immediately. Kirti came in and said she would fill the time gap with her dance. Nikhil has announced Kirti’s performance. Pallavi arrived at the back of the stage and offered to play.

Jaya beats Raghav. Pallavi’s mother asked Pallavi to come home and said that she needed to talk to him about something. Raghav said he did it and why Jaya slapped him? Jaya asked Raghav where he got Pallavi and what he did with her? Jaya said he gave Raghav a chance but he was wrong. Jaya said he hid Jaya and Kirti in a safe house like thieves.

Jaya asked why Raghav had released him and what had he done? Raghav said he did nothing with Pallavi and saved his life and also saved the lives of Jaya and Kirti. Raghav said he saved Jaya and Kirti from Ved because he was trying to kill and injure her. Raghav said Pallavi went out to look for business news and other people kidnapped him so he saved Pallavi from those criminals and saved Pallavi’s life. Raghav said he does not always interrupt and said he apologized to Jaya. Pallavi’s mother shouted at Pallavi about leaving midnight with Raghav Rao

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