Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 10th April 2021 Written Update

Farhat tells Raghav why Pallavi blamed you in the hospital, she is not one of the creators of needless havoc, says Raghav slaps you on one cheek, Farhat says you should slap the other, Tell me that I can’t do anything wrong. Raghav says concentrate on your work.

Amrita also hugs Sulochana, Mansi, Sulochana asks Amrita why she is afraid, Amrita asks what happened in the hospital, Sulochana tells that Pallavi was really miscarried, now I will throw her, Manu Asks Milind and Nick. On call the doctor tells you that I have a big help, so I risk my license, accuse Pallavi, never call me, Pallavi thinks Raghav did it.

Pallavi tells Krishna that I can find out the truth, Pallavi bathes all the women playing in the nearby shop with plates and dirty water, she throws water in Pallavi, she tells Krishna to come back and she Putting Krishna aside and hoping that Pallavi is child abortion about her, Pallavi is wrong to ask me, she said, she told Pallavi to leave Hyderabad and put a garland of chapels between Raghav’s footsteps, women. Say this is my shop, women say this is your son, Raghav says, this is my only right, tell Pallavi that you will be punished.
Raghav asks what is this all about, can you live without drama, Pallavi tells you to shut up, I know they got them and gave a fake abortion statement, I will give you dr. Kanika, how are you, are you scared? For me, I have nothing to fear, Raghav says I will tell your family, even if you are the last woman on this planet, I am not afraid, I am enough for you, I need you to fight these people Is not. , To stop Pallavi from screaming, she silences him and wipes the dirt and puts it back in his shirt pocket, Pallavi opens her shop.

Raghav looks at Honky and thinks about what happened, Farhat saw a burning sensation in my eyes for the first time today, Farhat was serious about what I said last night, Raghav asked me to get Kanika’s details. Said, I cannot take the name of Pallavi.
Sulochana Samaj Morcha is calling for women to be defeated and to stop Raghav. Sulochana says that I will not leave Sharda, so she easily taught my son that Pallavi should face it. Walking on Pallavi Road, people heard him talking about them.

Pallavi roams the entire wax house Vijay sees this Telugu style, Vijay ignores, Pallavi shows Milind Lights Outfit, he does not even notice, Pallavi says I talk to all of you, but you tell me Ignore those who were behind my back a long time ago, but it had no effect on me, because I have a family, but not now, so I decided not to attend Mansi’s wedding, I was in Siddhesh Dada in Kolhapur. Will go, all the arguments made about me are false but if there is any proof, I will come back if it is true, leave Siddhesh now, tries to stop Mansi, Pallavi tells you not to speak, Sharada She says you don’t have to say a word, Pallavi says I have to fight for my truth, I am Rahul, before I leave, I will leave, Sharada says, we should all be happy, we are a good There are families, we ask our son to prove himself that we should die, and let go.

Raghav works as Kanika’s driver and Farhat, Kanika asks what the two of you are doing here, he tells Raghav to wear the driver’s hat, don’t kill it, I’ll throw you away if you do it now. I will be ready for the heaviest ride.

Pallavi packs her things and prepares to leave with Siddhesh, Nikhil takes her aside and tells her not to leave, he can’t enjoy without her, Nikhil says please hide some money here , Pallavi sees Rahul and Asha at the door, Sulakshana stops to see her. Let me tell you that he goes to the front and back door, Pallavi shakes her head and sees everything and remembers all the happy moments. Does.

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