Kundali Bhagya 29th March 2021 Update

Kundali Bhagya New murder mystery 29 March 2021 Written review ACP Vijay meets Luthra family. The staff praises him for being a hero in his life. They know that the ACP does not like to save the rich criminals, the status and wealth does not help any criminal. The whole family meets with ACP Vijay. Bani tells Vijay about Bani’s injuries. Karan asks ACP why he came. Kareena states that ACP Vijay had previously assisted Mahesh in a land dispute. Karan says the ACP is not looking for more friendships at the moment. ACP informs them of Akshay’s murder.
This shocked the whole family. The mystery of murder begins. Preeta had last met Akshay in a hotel room. He is worried because he did not kill her. He wants to investigate whether he is in the Lutheran family that killed Akshay. Karan says no one in his family can kill anyone. The ACP does not want to arrest anyone if he is innocent. They want to know if anyone has met Akshay recently. Mahira blames Karan who had beaten someone at the hotel for Kritika.
He wonders if Karan killed Akshay. Prithvi, Kritika and Preeta also met him. They are worried that they will be caught. Kareena tells them they have no contact with Akshay, who has left Kritika in the mandap. The ACP states that their humiliation could be the reason for his assassination. He blames Kritika. She asks him about finding her scared. He tells them he has been in contact with Akshay so far, his family does not know. Kareena asks the ACP to speak kindly to Kritika. He says Kritika has moved on in her life, marrying Prithvi.
She gets her daughter’s pure chit. Rakhi and Kareena love Kritika. The ACP tells them that the mother cannot blame the daughter, even if the latter kills the person. He knows that Kritika’s fear proves his innocence, if he had killed someone, he would have told anyone in the family. He tells them that Kritika did not commit murder. Prithvi is tense because he had donated 30 lakhs to Akshay and could easily be exposed in front of the Lutheran family. She accidentally drops the tea out of panic. You apologize to the ACP. Rakhi asks Girish to clean the floor.
The ACP questioned Prithvi and saw that he was shocked. He asks Prithvi why he is not happy about marrying Kritika. Congratulations to Prithvi. He wants to know from Preeta why he doesn’t like Akshay. Preeta tells us that Akshay was cheating on Kritika. The ACP knows everything. She asks Preeta to answer her questions. Karan says they had a problem with the marriage, not Akshay. The ACP says Preeta is educated, she can honestly answer him to help the law. Preeta tells us that Akshay has never been in contact with Kritika after the wedding. ACP suspects Preeta and Karan. The ACP tells them he got his answers, he knows who killed Akshay.

He promises to inform them of the crime when he finds out the truth. He is taking a break, while the family is in trouble. Suresh tells them that the ACP will do its job, they should not worry when they are innocent. Kritika remembers how Akshay treated her. He mourns the death of Akshay. Preeta knows that the story is shocking when they meet Akshay on the same day. Kritika fears she will be caught.

Preeta says they have nothing to do with Akshay, now there is no evidence against Kritika. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she has gone to meet Akshay with her voice. He adds that Akshay was still alive after meeting him. Mahira overhears their conversation. Sherlyn asks him if he killed Akshay. You want to know the truth. He blames Prithvi, and Mahira suspects Karan killed Akshay. Who killed Akshay? Who do you think is the killer in this? Comment below and continue reading.

ACP suspects Kritika or her loved ones killed Akshay in retaliation. The family says Kritika has continued with Prithvi, her husband, not communicating with Akshay. Kritika is so excited that Akshay’s dark truth will emerge. He doesn’t want Prithvi to know about his photos of Akshay’s intimacy.

She is worried about her current relationship. Prithvi has also been tense since meeting Akshay, his evil intentions will be known to the police. He does not want the police to reveal his truth. He fears he will lose the whole game if he is shown to be at fault in front of Luther’s family. Karan and Preeta also have reason to be concerned. Little did they know that their meetings with Akshay would lead to their being charged with murder. The four had a disagreement when the ACP questioned them. Karan had met Akshay and strengthened him when he heard of Akshay’s crimes.

He does not see Akshay destroying the name and honor of Kritika. Preeta also met with Akshay to save Kritika’s respect. Akshay is mysteriously killed by one of his enemies. It remains to be seen who killed Akshay and why. The murder case focuses on the Lutheran family. Prithvi admits to Sherlyn that he met Akshay, but he did not kill her, he just slapped Akshay. He adds that he paid money to Akshay and put his nose in the Kritika affair to become a hero at Sherlyn’s command. He says it was his flop plan that got him in big trouble. Sherlyn knows that Prithvi can kill anyone who comes his way. He thinks he really killed Akshay.

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