Imlie 9th April 2021 Written Update

Malini returns to Tirupati’s house and discovers the mobile torch light of the deceased. Adi makes Tamarind sit next to him and asks about his choice. She said that she was thinking seriously about it. She holds her hand and asks him not to think of indescribable hands, not to think of his mother and grandfather. He turns to feel. He said that he was still an idiot. Malini walks towards her room and thinks that Adi’s problems are not bigger than that so she should discuss her problems with him. Nidhi sees her and says that she should be here tomorrow. Tamarind tells Adi that she is hot and needs water. She goes into the water for him and tells him not to think too much because everything will be alright. Tamarind left. Malini said everything will be alright. Adi noticed that the tamarind had to leave before Malini entered. Tamarind wonders why she is so good at Adi’s contacts, if she is passionate. Nidhi learns that Adi had given her a candle to keep in the room, so Tamarind does not need help. Sorrow Tamarind asked.

Adi confronts Malini for a landline call. Malini said she cares for him, so she calls Landline. He said that it should not be his idea to call the landline. She told me what she could do when she was confused, so she took her mother’s advice and forced him to talk to her, to make it clear in her mind. Talk to you soon and have good content. She thinks that all differences must be erased somehow.

Tamarind prays to God along with Tauji and the whole family who are troubled by the sharp bell. Tamarind examination results will be declared at 4 pm. Rubel informs Taeji and Aparna that she is in, so she prays loudly and does not let anyone sleep. Collector of the whole family. The tamarind play continues, and she asks everyone to pray for her wish. Tooji said that some overbearing people might have taught him, so he did not believe it. Adi hopes that Tamarind will get good grades while teaching her. Tamarind blamed Tuji’s training and said he would be held accountable if he scored low. Everyone laughs and hears him and asks him to continue the puja. Nishant asks not to shout loudly. Tamarind agrees with Love Bell and Shank and continues his play. The family supports Adi as soon as he clicks on her photos. Malini goes to her and asks to join her. He tells her to go and enjoy the family game. He thinks he did not show any pictures.

After the puja, Taiji says let’s eat and asks for Tamarind’s favorite food. Said the Tamarind Khadi Challenge Tauji says that he and Pankaj are experts in preparing the Khadi Challenge and ask the children what the Khadi Challenge was like 15 years ago. They started joking about how spicy they were. He said that in the kitchen he was Will Hilleb Pankaj and Tauji. Tugee says that he does not need anyone’s help and wants to walk into the kitchen with Pankaj and Adi. Family drama continues.

Satyam returns to Midi and Prakash to get Tamarind’s test results. Peddle said alone. Satyagam said that he will always support tamarind. Midi said that Tamarind could read with her support. Etc. credit to Satyakam.

Present Adi Sa Tauji and Pankaj Khadi Challenge to the family. Aparna also called it spicy. Blame Pankaj and Tauji etc. and ask them to report, Cook is not. Adi apologizes and says that he must have made a mistake.

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