Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Update

Imlie Remembers Aditya And Malini’s Hug. Imlie Thinks She’s Praying For Aditya’s Happiness And Money Now Why Does She Feel Angry Now? Imlie Controls His Feelings. Dev Comes To Him. Imlie apologizes to Dev for accidentally arriving at her room. Dev Ask Why He Is Sad Imlie Shared Her Pain With Dev Saying How She Would Try To Stop It From Feeling Something She Didn’t Want To Hear. Dev Says Imitation That You Can’t Control Your Emotions. He gives Imlie the courage to speak the truth. Dev Shows His Story Says Dev Also Lies And Suffers That. Imlie Thinks You’re Right.

Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Update
Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Update

Anu tells Malini that they played games with Aditya Knowing the Truth. Money Falling Into Anu’s Influence Malini Tells Adiya She Wants To Stay In Her Home Today. Aditya agrees. Malini Insists Imlie To Stay Back But Adiya Says Imlie Will Not Stay Here. He Cannot Jump To Learn. Imlie Says She Can Stay Here And How Much. Aditya shouts at Imlie saying Imlie will be back with her. His Work. Malini thinks Aditya doesn’t care how much she cares for Imlie. Malini is upset. Aditya and Imlie got into the car. Seeing Anu Moves Money That Aditya Is Afraid Of Losing Money. Malini feels why Aditya behaves like that.

Aditya and Imlie were caught in a traffic jam. On their return, Aditya buys balloons and keeps them in Dicky’s car. He tells Imlie Tire He Was Slowly Found And Surprised By The Gift Group. Imlie Is Happy And Asks Aditya She Doesn’t Need To Do All This. Aditya Tells Imlie Wants To Talk To Her. Adiya Explains There Is Nothing Between Her And The Money She Hides From Imlie. Aditya asks Imlie do she feel bad about seeing Malini with her.

Aditya says he trusts his relationship with Imlie. She loves Imlie. Aditya Says Malini Is Not Happy With Her Again. Imlie Talks About How Much Money. Aditya Reveals The First Time She Saw That She Never Loved Money. Aditya tells Imlie that Malini fainted when she told Malini once about her marriage to Imlie. Aditya says Malini will not be able to hear the truth.

Anu tells Malini to call her house number to find out if Aditya has arrived home or not. Aparna Asks How Much Why Doesn’t She Come Back With Aditya. Malini Says “I Will Come Tomorrow”. Aparna Concerned With Aditya’s Relationship With Malini. Nishant tells Aparna not to worry. Nishant And Feel The Same Thing As Aparna Heard. Anu tells Malini that Aditya and Imlie have never been home yet. What does that mean? Malini wonders where Aditya is.

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