Imlie 27th April 2021 Written Update

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Dev and Beard Reach Award ceremony venue. Tripathi’s family congratulates him. Tamarind touches her feet and she blesses him. Pankaj asks if Malini has come. Dev says that he is resting at home as he is not feeling well. Adi feels that Malini was unhappy then. Aparna asks to meet Malini tomorrow and take her home. The process begins, and the hosts invite the award winners to the stage. Malini called Adi. He picked up the phone and said that he could get everything, and Dad said he did. He said that he is fine. He asks if you should let someone talk. She says that she is right and she is going to see how she is later. He asks what he is saying. Host call tamarind on stage. Adi asks if he is good. Malini tells her to focus on tamarind and issue the call. She thinks that she suspects that she is not in life.

Tamarind goes to the stage and gets the reward. He gives a speech that feels special here. Malini has written a letter to Audi, she feels special after meeting him, is happy after receiving it, and she wants him to have the chance to recreate his love. Imli continued his speech by saying that if the city had been a river, his village would have been a well, the river would have reached the sea, but it would be better in a dark place where education could not reach; He was happy to come out of the darkness, but they made his village famous by offering it to him, and some villages hope to teach his son. Malini keeps writing that her 7 years were the most important moment spent with Adi and she had no problem with him; He could not share it with anyone, he left his hand to do what he had done wrong and held others, it was not even his fault, love cannot be wrong, and cannot stop loving him. Is, etc. He finished by holding his word. on that. Everyone praises him. Malini wrote that Adi could not love her even if she wanted him; He cannot live in a fake relationship like his parents, so he stays away from her, he should always be happy, et cetera.

Dev and Daadi take Tamarind home and ask him to show Malini her reward and make her happy. Imli goes ahead and sees Malini sitting in a chair, she tells him that she needs her sister, Malini does not come, so she leaves; If she is so angry with him that she cannot get him back, he should see the reward. She keeps asking him, looking at the blood on the floor, standing in astonishment, reaching near Malini, he bites her wrist and attempts to kill her. She cries for help. The Tripathi family of Dev and Beard are also coming to Malini Hospital. Adi asks the doctor to start treating Malini. The doctor said that he would have to follow the protocol. Adi is threatened that he is a journalist and can file a complaint against him. Dev says that he knows the hospital administrators and will inform them, so you should start treatment. Dr. Malini takes over.

Adi tries to follow Malini. Beard stops her and tells Malini that she needs his support, but she no longer realizes that she will have to leave her grandfather. Aparna asks what she is saying. The beard will pull him out of his heart that Adi is doing wrong. Adi says that he met Malini yesterday, but he did not wait. Beard keeps his heart flowing, and he says that he has left Malini alone, so he felt better as Suhagan; He has now realized that he who is worthy of Addi is right, who is unfit for Addi. Dev advises her to sit. Imli thinks that life without a friend is in her destiny, why God gave that fate to Malini, and now her hands are covered with Malini’s blood.

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