Imlie 10th April 2021 Written Update

Nishant Brings Family Pizza. Family Gets Delightful Pizza. Imlie Gos Sad. Sundar Trying to Choose Pizza. Pankaj Leaves Him And Reminds Him Of His Fasting. Sundar Says It Was Morning And He Broke It. Malini asks where Imlie went. Aparna Says You Should Take Card Chawal In Her Room. Malini Says She Will Take Pizza For Her.
Imlie Eats Kadhi Chawal Thinking Adi Made It For Her. Malini Comes In Asking Not To Eat Spicy Kadhi Chawal. Imlie Says She Loves Spicy Foods. Malini Thinks Why Imlie Wanted To Get The Unwanted Food, Give Her Pizza And Leaves. Imlie Drinks Water That Can’t Carry Pleasure And She Thinks She Has Cleared Her Trial Like Seeta Maiya. Adi Offers Its Bees And Feeds. He Says He Wanted To Get The Food He Made From Tauji And Pankaj. Adi says Her Life Wants To Destroy Her Life With It Full Of Chillies. She Says Her Amma Taught Her To Balance Emotions And Ask Her To Go As She Needed To Sleep. He Says He Has The Result Of The Morning Tests And Munches Pizza. Good night. He answers and leaves.

The next morning, Adi wakes up to check on Imlie’s results. Malini asks how she woke up this morning. She Says She Looks At Imlie’s Results And Looks Comfortable. Money Asks If Results Are Wrong, If Imlie Fails. Imlie prays to God that He did not sleep all night waiting for the results; He Wants To Fulfill Amma And Daddy’s Dreams After Passing Exams And If He Fails, His Trust Will End, So God Must Pass Him By.

In Pagdandiya, Satyakam Asks Prakash When He Brings Sweets To Celebrate Imlie Results. Dulari Asks If Imlie Fails. Satyakam Says Imlie Doesn’t Need A Result As He Is The Best. Trees Come In And Says Imlie Will Make Daddy P proud. Satyakam Says She Doesn’t Care If Imlie Calls Her Dad Or Dad, She Always Takes Her As A Daughter And Will Always Be Happy With Her. He even says he will accompany her to meet Imlie. You agree. Dulari thinks he has no problem if Imlie passes or fails, he just needs sweets.

Imlie Opens the Door to Door The Door to the Door. Dev walks in and asks nervously about his results, he gets here as Malini had told him he would feel better, etc. They enter and see the family standing trembling around Adi and asking her to reveal the effect of Imlie. Adi Stands Sadly. Nidhi Tells Imlie OK If She Didn’t Wipe This Time. Imlie cries. Malini asks Adi to stop imitating and informs her that she got 97.8% marks and came in second place in the whole empire. Family Happy and Congratulations to Imlie. Nishant Says They Will Enjoy The Real Team Now. Dev Crying Emotionally. Malini Comforts Her. Imlie Asks If She Feels Bad About Her As She Does Not Have Her Father’s Name With Her, She Has Her Amma, Dad, And Others Who Care For Her So Much And Should Not Feel Bad, etc. Everyone Laughs At Hearing That.

In the kitchen, Sundar Prepares Jalebis While Aparna, Rupal, and Nidhi help him. Imlie Scoffs And Shouts As usual. Rupal Jokes Say Imlie Is Famous Now After His Second Coming To The Whole State, Etc. Imlie Reacts Sundar Asks Imlie To Get Her Sugar And Take Her Gifts Her Pen With A Long Heart Speech That Told Her That They Were Both Servants Of This House, But Her Story Begins Where Her Story Ends, She Must Be Successful In Life, etc. Imlie thinks everyone is happy with her results and did something for her, but Adi did not congratulate her; Would You Have Feeled Good If You Just Told Him You Did Good.

Signs of Adi Imlie Following. Rupal Asks Imlie To Demonstrate His Preparatory Skills For Jalebi. He Picks Up The Jalebis And In The To Take A Quiet Thing Walks In The Kitchen, Hides To See Tauji Coming Out Of His Room, And Reaches Adi With Extreme difficulty. Adi Adds Sindhoor To Her Hair.

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