Choti Sardarni 29th March 2021

Choti Sardarni 29th March 2021
Choti Sardarni 29th March 2021


The episode begins with Gulwant asking Sandhya what he wants to tell her. Sandhya asks her to listen to her story fully so that she can respond and says that her brother Pratap wanted to kill her husband because he belongs to different partners so they run away from him to save their lives. Sushma calls Sandhya to let her know about Sarab. Sandhya said he did not know that Sarab had come to the house and told him to do something that they would not get a better chance. Sushma tells Meher to hide inside Sarab’s car. Sandhya tells Gulwant that Pratap killed her husband and few people helped her escape. Gulwant then said why he said he wanted to talk about Meher. He thinks that Sandhya is definitely hiding something from him and his behavior has changed after the phone call so he will find out the truth anyway.

Sarab was about to drive a car. Rajan asks her to give him a lift. He asks Sarab about his wife. Sarab says he has not received any information about Meher yet. Rajan speaks ill of women. Sarab teases him. Rajan said that because he experienced betrayal and said his money was running away from the house. Sandhya calls Sarab and asks him to open his dicky car to see the surprise. Rajan shows her a picture of her engagement to Sandhya and tells her to stop the car and leave.

The Arabs saw that Dicky was empty and called Sandhya to let him know. She is terrified. Harleen asks who called her. Sandhya says she has to go now and tells her to take care of the children. Sarab calls Harleen and asks her to give Sandhya a cell phone. He said Sandhya left the house. Pratap tells the Mechanic to check the car. You can see that Meher is hiding in Sarab’s car. He remembers how Sarab’s car didn’t start so he told her to take his car. Sushma is shocked to see Sarab’s car. Pratap shows Meher to his father and asks who helped him escape. Sandhya’s father tells Pratap to kill Meher. Pratap was about to shoot Meher but Sushma interrupted him saying he was helping Meher.

Sarab realizes that Sandhya was hiding from Rajan and has some contact with the village. She wonders why he asked her to open her butt and why she suddenly left the house. Sandhya stops one jeep unnoticed by Gulwant’s jeep and asks him to leave her at home saying he needs to go there to save someone’s life.

A police inspector tells Sarab that it looks like the man who kidnapped Meher so they will try their best to find him. Sushma urges his family to leave Meher saying he has children. Pratap says he will not easily kill Meher. The children ask Harleen about Sandhya. Harleen says she doesn’t know about him and says she ordered their favorite dishes. Sandhya tells Gulwant to stop the jeep and leave. Sarab worried thinking about Meher.

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