Barrister Babu 29th March 2021

Barrister Babu 28th March 2021

This week started with the Robbers who came to stop Manorama’s wedding. Manorama is unconscious and the robber orders everyone to get inside. Trilochan is scared and takes Bondita inside but Bondita worries about Anirudh wondering where he might be. Later he uses his ingenuity to discover that all of this is fraudulent and that criminals are nothing but sacks of potatoes. Trilochan yells at the man in charge of Manorama forcibly. He removes the cover and is shocked when he sees Anirudh behind the cover. He asks how he can do this to Bondita. The villagers also began to ask Anirudh why he wanted to marry Manorama when he was already married. Anirudh expresses his anger saying he is not God, he is a man. He did what he felt was right. He will not listen to anyone. After hearing this Bondita was so shocked she fell down and fainted.




Later when he wakes up he thinks it was all just a nightmare but when he sees the steps of Manorama he is again shocked and heartbroken. She cries all the time. Trilochan tries to comfort her but Bondita says she needs explanations from Anirudh. He says that the hospital should come to me and apologize.

Anirudh, on the other hand, is also upset that he has seriously injured Bondita. But she says she had no choice but to marry Manorama. He made a vow in front of Dugga Ma saying he would show Bondita the right way. No matter how many times people make fun of him or ask about Bondita’s care but he won’t apologize to her. It will be hard for him. Ready to accept Bondita’s hatred again. He wants his old Bondita back.

Trilochan later lashed out at Anirudh saying how could he take such a big step? Bondita doesn’t sleep well, she doesn’t eat anymore. Anirudh says he does not want to talk to her, Bondita must accept the truth. Trilochan is shocked to see the sudden change in Anirudh’s behavior. Anirudh speaks to Manorama again. Manorama says he has to deal with Bondita and he should try to talk to her about his sudden decision to remarry. Anirudh says he can’t communicate well with Bondita otherwise he will also misunderstand her. He says Bondita has a lot of questions in his mind but he will answer them in due course. The answers will be difficult but good for Bondita’s future. Manorama said Anirudh would also be injured after injuring Bondita. Anirudh gets emotional. He says there is nothing he can do.

Bondita can’t wait any longer and goes to meet Anirudh but Anirudh refuses to meet him and closes the door. Bondita yells at the Doctor. Here, Sampoorna wonders why Anirudh made such a decision. It doesn’t seem like she really wanted to marry Manorama, but there must be another reason. Binoy tells her not to think too much as Anirudh has her wish. Anirudh tells Trilochan to arrange everything well with the Varan of Manorama. He said it all out loud so that Bondita could listen. Sampoorna tries to look at Manorama’s handkerchief but Manorama handles the situation wisely so that Sampoorna can find out about his work and his fake marriage.

Later, Bondita locks herself in a closet so that she does not have to participate in all the rituals. But Sampoorna encourages him to fight Manorama and Anirudh. He says now Anirudh doesn’t care about him at all. Manorama has taken his place and as Saurav’s father he always loved his second wife more than his first wife. Anirudh will do the same. Bondita will live alone forever. Bondita thinks about how Anirudh can break her rules. He himself said that having two wives is a crime.

Bondita gets some rest and faces Anirudh. He throws a plate of vermilion Anirudh was trying to use on Manorama’s head. It falls on Bondita. He begins to ask Anirudh questions saying what he wants to say about his betrayal. He promised to stay by her side but failed to do so. He is standing with another girl. Anirudh is satisfied to see Bondita fighting for her self-respect. He said Bondita wanted to do the same. Bondita has no right to ask her questions as a good wife does not do all this. He says you have chosen to be a good wife so you should accept your husband as God. You cannot raise your voice. Bondita says he only taught her to protest injustice. Sumati comes to meet Bondita surprisingly and supports Anirudh in front of Bondita. Bondita is shocked to learn that. It is clear how Anirudh convinced Sumati so that Bondita would not do what he was doing. She can focus on her studies rather than just being a wife by being under the influence of rural women. Sumati also agrees with Bondita after seeing his mother’s support for Anirudh in despair.

In future episodes Bondita will be telling her mother that she wants to leave Roychowdhury’s house. Sumati refuses to do so. Anirudh then gave Bondita two decisions saying he would go to a boarding school or he should accept Manorama and give him respect. What will be Bondita’s decision?


Barrister Babu 28th March 2021

The episode begins with Bondita saying no one cares. Everyone is changed. He throws things here and there in anger. Sumati stops him and says that this anger is not good for him. She should behave like Roychowdhury’s daughter-in-law.

Bondita says that if Anirudh does not accept her as his wife he does not want to stay here. He tells Sumati to take me with you. I will stay in the village. Sumati stops him. Bondita says she doesn’t want jewels or anything. Sumati remembers Anirudh’s words and says that Bondita will not go anywhere. Now Anirudh’s response is not his. He is married now. He can’t be a burden to his parents.

Bondita says I am also responsible for my rules. He explains why Sumati denied it. Why didn’t he hear anything about his daughter. Why he did not understand her pain. He says he told me all his lies. He cares for me. Sumati says that no matter what Bonduta says, he will not accept her. Sumati says now his mother is dead too.

Bondita is shocked. Where are you going now? Anirudh remembers his promise. You go to Bondita. He says he can’t stay with his mother. She tells him about the boarding school. She gives him a Dalhousie boarding school form. He says he can stay there and study well. Bondita looked at it. He throws it angrily.

Bondita says she now wants to fire me after all this. Don’t you want to see me too? To be able to spend time with Manorama. Bondita says do what you want to do. But I will not go anywhere. To understand that you made a mistake to me. You have failed to fulfill your duties to me. Anirudh says it’s okay to stay here. But in return you must do all the rituals that the first woman did.

Anirudh thinks Bondita will refuse and will leave the place and choose his own way to become a security guard. Bondita says her strength is gone as Anirudh and Sumati break her inside. Bondita says she will do everything the first wife does. He will sit before his eyes. People in the community support Bondita. Sumati says Bondita will do her job well. He will not complain about this further as he has chosen only this.

The Sumati left. Sumati cries loudly before leaving. Bondita looked at him. Sampoorna tells Bondita to accept Manorama. He injures Bondita knowingly and tells her to get ready so that Anirudh can stare at him once. Bondita looks at Anirudh. He remembers how he first entered the house. Anirudh wonders why Bondita chose this. How will you show him the right way? You have done wrong.

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