Anupamaa 5th April 2021 Written Update

Kavya eagerly awaits Vanraj and Anupama’s return and angrily complains that it is their evening and they have not returned from a picnic so far, Baa and Park Bell Hell Bent to reunite them. Blasting Spam Striker. Nandini Seeing Her Suggestion That She Should Trust Vanraj And Anu And Even If She Had Vanraj, Her Lack Of Confidence Won’t Let Her Be In Peace Forever, etc. Kavya Gets More Anger. Bapuji asks Baa if she feels good now. Nods Yes. Kyjal Says My Mom’s Dad Hasn’t Come Back yet. Bapuji Says Bahu Didn’t Take The Phone To Drive. Kinjal Says Why They Have Not Returned Now.

Anupamaa 5th April 2021 Written Update
Anupamaa 5th April 2021 Written Update

The Baa Says They Must Be Fucked Into Each Other, Which Means They Should Be Busy Enjoying A Picnic. Kavya Repeats Vanraj’s Calls and Messages and Thinks He’s So Busy With Anu. Anirudh Calls Her And Says Their Advocate Needs A NOC That She Designed To Give Her House To Her. He Says He Has A Text Out Of His Laptop And Will Email Him. You Can Hear Her Crying And Asking If She Fought With Her Boyfriend. You cut off the Phone.

Anu By Vanraj Searches The Family At The Resort And Gets A Luxury Thinking When Their Car Break Down In The Middle. Vanraj Says Let’s Call Them And Lend The Guardian’s Phone. Anu Gives Him The Qjal Number. He Calls To Kyjal And Asks Why They Have Not Arrived At The Resort Right Now.

He says They Are At Home As Their Car Collapsed Before Leaving. Pakhi Informs The Family That There Is A Protest Out Of Ahmedabad And The Road To The Resort Has Stopped It. Baa Says It Means To Stay Today At Itself Resort. Kinjal Informed Vanraj About The Same Leaves And That He Will Check With The Tourism Office. They Are Happy Are Garba and Mamaji Joining Him. Bapuji Asks What Happened To Him. Pakhi Says He Checks His Good Knees. Bapuji says he will improve his knees if he dances too much and keeps him wondering what is going on in his mind. She Says She’s Trying To Stop Her Beta Divorce With Bahu.

Kavya Hearing The Door Of The Door Opens The Thought Of Thinking Vanraj Came But He Sees Anirudh Instead. He asks her what she is doing here. He says In front of the husband and wife, they were friendly and felt tired, he came to meet her. She Tells Kavya That Their Divorce Doesn’t Mean She Shouldn’t Worry About Her, She Is Her Friend And She’s Concerning Her, She Knows The Cause Of Her Many Problems With Her Boyfriend, So She Should Say What The Problem Is. She cries and hugs him. Please Stop Crying And Talk About What Happened.

Anu Asks Vanraj What They Will Do Now When They Can’t Return Home Because Of The Protest.
Vanraj Tells Anu That They Can Talk Too Much Now. Rakhi Reads News About Roadblocks And Calls Baa. Baa As Asual Blabbering Nagin Called To Take The Selected. Rakhi Says God Has Heard His Prayers And Because Of The Time Of The Casting Home Anu And Vanraj Will Spend More Time Together To Fix Their Differences. Baa Says Vanraj Will Forget Maide Ki Katori Kavya And Will Love Bahu / Anu. Both Mimic Vanraj and Anu and Vanraj raise Anu And Welcome.

Baa Says He Will Go To The Temple To Pray To God And Keep Vanraj And Anu Safe And United. Paki Arrives At The Temple And Gives Panditji Pooja’s Things Please Tell God That If He Doesn’t Stop The Beta And Bahu Divorce, He Will Stop Delivering Desi Ghee Laddus To Him And He Will Not Pray For Him As Before. Panditji pleads not to worry as God will surely hear his prayers even if it is too late. Pakhi Says She’s Very Good, She’s Trying Her Best To Prevent My Mother’s Divorce. Baa Says If Their Divorce Happens, The Whole House Will Collapse, So He Will Try To Breathe Lastly To Prevent Their Divorce. Pakhi Says Even He Will Agree.

Anirudh Comforts Kavya And Asks Her Concerns. Kavya Says No One Will Understand Or Pretend To Be A Second Woman And No One Compassionates For A Second Wife, And When She And Vanraj Are In Love Together, Why All The Insecurity Comes To Her Assignment.

Mamaji’s jokes about Bapuji also informed that Didi / Baa was impersonating, she was in severe pain, then she danced, and now she went to the Temple. Bapuji Says He Knows From The Past. The Magistrate asks Why he did not introduce her. He Says It Shouldn’t Be As Bad As Baa Did What He Did, He Did What He Had To Do, Anu And Vanraj Did What They Had To Do; Just as a mother wants to prevent her son’s divorce, but only what God wants will happen.

Kavya Tells Anu That No One Is Involved V Sees Her Love But Sees Her Lack Of Confidence, She Is Afraid Of Failure V And Even She Does Not See It. He Says He Sees His Love, Self-Confidence, Helplessness, etc., And He Can’t Do Anything Like His Choice; You Are There For Him Or You Will Always Support Him. He asks why things do not go their way. He Says He Does Not Know If It Is Their Evil Beliefs, You Need Kavya And You Need Someone Else. She says She feels insecure about seeing Vanraj with Anu. He says If you have sent it, they should delete it.

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